Vinyl Clothing Printing 

Custom Vinyl Printing Shirts, T-Shirts, and Clothing in Sydney

Printing sketches utilizing vinyl is the trend in business nowadays. Through various mechanical headways, individuals would now be able to print enduring sketches and designs on practically any surface. Enhancements in science are answerable for the ascent in the interest for vinyl printing on clothes. 

Vinyl can adapt to various surfaces. This type of prints also comes in different colours, and one of the most exciting vinyl designs is the holographic vinyl. Holographic vinyl is made to stand out. It also changes colours based on the temperature and the perspective of the viewer. 

People can surely use vinyl for different purposes. Vinyl print clothing, especially T-shirts, is the in thing now. The Custom vinyl for clothing, shirts, bed sheets, cloth bags, and other garments look awesome. Novelty items printing is a booming industry nowadays. Little and enormous organizations print on anything utilizing vinyl printing. Automobile stickers and advertisements also use a lot of vinyl printing. 

Process of Vinyl T-Shirt Printing

Vinyl T-shirt printing, often known as vinyl heat transfer printing, is a process that involves a machine that cuts out designs and letters. This is done on bits of hued vinyl. Following this, a heat press is used to move the vinyl pieces onto the surface. 


Vinyl is essentially a PU sheet supported with a heat actuated cement. A sheet is cut in the shape of a design and then heat fused on a garment. Vinyl Transfer is one of the best and greatest printing cycles of printing single or various shading fine art on a T-shirt. 

Vinyl Printing on T-shirts is most suitable in the following cases

Process of Vinyl T-Shirt Printing
  • Colour printing on polyester and polyester blend fabrics. 

  • If the design has one or few colours 

  • Customised printing with names 

  • Give special effects like glitter, metallic, raised HD print, glow in the dark 

  • Works well for slogans, small graphics, and words 

Vinyl print T-shirts have specific advantages

Vinyl print T-shirts have specific advantages
  • No fading or cracking of print – it’s more durable and looks new even after continuous use 

  • Cut and paste – heat and wear – it’s so quick - As there is no set up involved, the job gets done pretty quickly. 

  • Ideal for one-off prints and low quantities: Popular choice for team and sports uniforms, as it is ideal for printing numbers and names onto a single-colour design. 

  • Print colour and material options are countless; the hologram is a great one. 

Vinyl Cut Printing has a few setbacks though; so, keep these in mind

  • Bigger prints make it baggy, and the garment gets heavy

  • Print quality is not as fine and soft as screen prints.

  • Works well with small orders - It is not cost effective for large order as the cost increases linearly with quantity. There is no economy in scale.

  • Film may be noticeable around the outer edges of detailed designs and have a slightly plastic finish.

  • Care is required when washing the garments – wash inside out, do not tumble dry and do not iron the logo

Your Vinyl Printing Specialists in Sydney: Sports Wallet Embroidery

At SW Embroidery, we specialise in vinyl printing T-shirts and shirts. You can get customised printing made specially for you, according to your preference. You give us the designs in vector format (AI / EPS files accepted) or convert them before they can be cut. Or you can choose from the albums that we have. If you have an idea, and we can imprint it for you. Jackets, sportswear, hats, are some items that can be designed by vinyl at SW Embroidery, Sydney, New South Wales. To order vinyl prints for shirts, call us on (02) 8396 7000 or email us at