Screen Printing 

Custom Screen-Printing Clothing & Bags in Sydney

Traditional screen printing has always been a timeless reliability in the last thousand years. They look great on bold colours and have excellent colour accuracy and crisp designs. The print sits in the garment and is mostly soft to touch. The ink is applied through a stencil on fabric. The screens that are used are made of fine-mesh that is stretched over a rectangular frame and has a layer of light-sensitive emulsion.

How Is Screen Printing Done?

The design is separated into various colours and each one of them is printed on a transparent film and exposed to a separate screen. By exposing the screen, it makes a stencil of the design which allows the ink to pass through it. This screen is then placed on the print surface and ink is pressed through it, which forms the design. For each additional colour, this process is done using high-temperature flash.

Screen printing is cost effective if done in larger quantities. This is used in a commercial way to print garments, fabric, ceramics, paper, and minute computer components like the computer circuit boards. In order to get the most from T-shirt screen printing and custom screen-printed bags in Sydney, it is ideal to:

How Is Screen Printing Done
  • Give a vector image consisting of 6 colours or lesser. Vector images are images that are scalable and the best to transfer for screen printing

  • Convert vector images into outlines

  • Specify the colours as PMS spot colours for better accuracy.

How to Take Care of Custom Screen Print Garments?

Custom screen printing in garments and bags will last beyond the life of the cloth it is in if maintained well. They need to be washed with cold water on delicate setting during machine wash and avoid tumble dry. To avoid de-colouring of the ink, it is advisable to dry the clothes inside out and not in direct sunlight.

Advantages of Screen Printing on Bags and T-Shirts

Advantages of Screen Printing on Bags and T-Shirts

Our team at Sports Wallet Embroidery, Sydney are experts in the field of screen printing. They do colour matching with utmost quality and deliver it on time. A few advantages of using screen print on T-shirts and bags are:

  • It is a great value for money

  • It has good washability results

  • It is eco-friendly, so inks are used

  • It is cheaper to screen print for larger runs

  • It has a fast turnaround of screen printing

  • It has the ability to match spot of colours

  • It appears sharp and pops out, which makes the design have a bold look overall

Custom Screen Printing in Sydney

With more than 35 years in this field, our team at Sports Wallet Embroidery offers our customers a very professional service right from the beginning till the end. We specialise in custom screen print shirts and custom screen printed bags in Sydney, among others. Get in touch with us to make your custom screen print T-shirts and bags. Call us on (02) 8396 7000 or email us at to get a quote today!