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Bath robes and towels are nothing interesting, but remember we use them every day and they form a part of the most-used rooms of our home. So, if you can personalise these items at a local monogram shop to use every day, why not. A simple way to spruce up your bathroom, and the guest one too is with monogrammed towels and bathrobes from your local monogram shop. Sounds brilliant, right? 

What is a monogram? And how is it Different from embroidery?

A monogram is a little ornamental plan that utilises an image or logo, normally with at least two letters, for example, somebody's initials. Oftentimes, people will have monogrammed bath towels, clothes, and backpacks as a fun and easy way to customise or label personal items. Weaving or embroidery is utilizing string or yarn to line designs and embellishments. Monograms likewise commonly include more modest lettering or logos, however, weaving can incorporate bigger, more unpredictable designs. 

Why would you want monogrammed towels?

Imagine you are invited as a guest and stay over a couple of days. And you found the bath, towel, hand towel and robe with an “A” for their last name. You are impressed, right? It looks fancy and sophisticated, giving the same impressions about your hosts. Remember, you can transform a simple washroom to a sophisticated bath. Monogrammed towels will also work great for hotels to add their brand name to the towels. 

monogrammed towels

What can you do with monogrammed towels and robes?

monogrammed bath towels

Robes are in the bath, but towels you find them every room in the house. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, wash areas – they are everywhere. They will be in your pool bag too. They could be wonderful gifts, too. Personal, useful, thoughtful, they meet all requirements of perfect gifts. 

Monograms could be initials of the people in the house, you can identify their towels, robes, and mats with these monograms. This is just an idea. Put on your imaginative hat, and you will land up on many ways on making ordinary inexpensive things, seem personal and well-thought of. 

Only towels and robes?

Monogrammed shirts! What better gift can you think of for your loved and dear one. You can either add their initials to the shirt or on something that’s personal to them. Businesses can also benefit from monogrammed polo T-shirts by gifting their employees with personalised shirts with the business name monogrammed. 

Do these need special care? Of course, they do. Just follow the manufacturer’s care label and do not mix with clothes that have zippers or other metals or fasteners, else the design could get snagged.  

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There are a range of options for creativity, personalisation, sprucing up, sophistication – the list is endless. Whether you want it for your business or personal use, monogramming does have a lot of benefits and you don’t have to create an entire design from scratch. Our team can also give you some ideas on how you would like the initials monogrammed. 

At SW Embroidery in Sydney, we specialise in monogrammed bath robes, towels, and polo shirts, and any other clothing material that can be monogrammed. We are your local monogram shop if you are in Sydney. 

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