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DTG – the revolution to garment print customisation using digitisation.

Printing digitally is a method involved with making prints utilizing designs from a PC. Previously, images were transferred by screen printing. Digital printing was first used on paper as early as the 1950s and later on the technique, called Direct to Garment (DTG) printing has been applied to textiles as well. It arose as a prototyping instrument appropriate for printing little clumps of texture for specialty market items, similar to clothing, adornments, and home materials. T-shirt digital printing has become very common now on large scale basis. By minimising the lead time from design to production, it speeds up sample production, reduces production batch size, and inventory holding costs.

Digital printing process

Step 1: The most crucial and primary steps before digital printing on clothing is the selection of designs and its conceptualisation.

Step 2: Texture is printed by advanced printers with the plan ready on PC utilizing inkjet-based technique for printing colorants onto the texture.

Step 3: Hand drawn or computer-aided design sketch of designs are edited using software like CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop.

Step 4: Digital printing machines are used to print the design on to fabrics. It is then sent through a steam chamber to fix the ink. The steamed fabric is subsequently washed and dried.

Tips for Digital Printing:

Digital printing process
Tips for Digital Printing

Quality in digitally printed garment means it needs to satisfy two important criteria:

  1. Smudge free and superior quality printing that exactly replicate the motifs or designs

  2. The quality and curing process of the garment.


  • A process called as “pre-treatment” is done to get Pre-treatment technology is used to obtain distinctive shadings, more obscure blacks, more keen definition, and brilliant wash strength, with next to no unfriendly impacts on texture.

  • The innovation guarantees an astounding bond of ink to the material. Apart from the padding strategy for pre-treatment, the splash technique utilising a smaller Swift jet model

  • It is additionally monetarily used to work in-line or independently from the ink-jet printer, accordingly wiping out the need for pre-treatment by padding.

  • An assortment of sew material like single pullover, rib, and interlock structures made out of scope of filaments and their mixes—specifically cotton, thick, and polyester. Fibres with high moisture content ensure increased dye uptake, which means vibrant colours and wonderful shades of the final printed fabric.

  • Direct to Garment (DTG) printing on Rib knit fabrics have been successful as the rib structure is tight, enabling sound ink penetration and the images are not disrupted by stretching or curling like in plain knits. Further, owing to the soft jersey construction on the front and back, rib knits are comfortable to wear.

  • Printing digitally on clothes is utilised as a surface frivolity technique for planning and designing a scope of style extras like scarves, socks, stockings, head adornments, gloves, and footwear. The motivation of themes picked for digital printing on clothing can be taken from verdure, human figures, fanciful characters, design, and mathematical examples.

  • The shading mix and configuration topics can be clear from unobtrusive, pastel shades to energetic, abundant, and vivacious shades. The pricing depends on the quality of the garment and quantity printed.

  • The question is, will these print last? It definitely will, if they are washed and cared for properly. Cold wash the garments without tumble dry and ensure the garments are inside out while washing, drying, and ironing. Then you can show-off the prints – bright and clear, every time you wear them.

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